thought you might like to see some of our outfits

yesterday we dressed up roxanne in kay's paris ensembles:

roxanne didn't want to wear a slip but kay said she might, depending on the weather.

off we go to the cutlery museum!

ou peut-ĂȘtre la promenade plantĂ©e.

kay loves pink.

roxanne looks like sinead o'connor but kay won't.

and here roxanne is starring as me:

le marais, hurray!

i cut this dress in half and made it do my bidding.

imagine me with no head, in paris. would they be able to tell i was une americaine?

the most sumptuous three-dollar coat in history. well, after a good fifty-dollar dry cleaning. oh who cares! paris, here we come!

paris where? i don't see any paris...

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Anonymous said...

ooh la la! tres chic.