we enjoy dressing up as birds

for your infinite pleasure, marc johns on flickr.


we can work it out ~by dave eggers

"why do all the bears of north america dislike em forster? and they expect me to have all the answers. just because i hang out with some bears sometimes. it's messed up. i don't know.

what the water feels like to the fishes ~by dave eggers

""like the fur of a chinchilla. like the cleanest tooth. yes, the fishes say, this is what it feels like."


andrea and chris get married...

friends blow bubbles...

kay makes a new friend....

there are toasts...


and singing....

and cake....

and the sweetest two....

and a dusky walk before our goodbyes...

happiest day! i wish you both the best and most.


photo of the couple

i'll be away for a few days. kay and i are goin to denver to see these two get hitched. this is their wedding registry photo. i just noticed that it's two separate pictures of them sewn together. oh how i love them. andrea and chris, here we come!


post #300: why ice cream cone cupcakes are not practical

"It is near impossible to get frosting and cake in the same bite without ending up with a bunch of frosting on your nose."

-the cupcake baker and blogger

a poet's garden

my flickr friend fiona has a new photoset to love of photos she took of 'little sparta." about it she writes:
"Little Sparta' is a poet's garden( www.littlesparta.co.uk ) - a very inspiring place with words and poems hidden under trees, in ponds, on boats, stone walls, beehives, etc." it is near Edinburgh, the creation of poet and publisher Ian Hamilton Finlay. how i wish it was closer.

1. never enough, 2. where the wild geese live, 3. shelter from the storm, 4. window, 5. lochan eck, 6. rain, 7. ripple- a fold, a fluting of a liquid element, 8. hypnos-his wings-trouble-his eyes, 9. eclogue-folding-the last-sheep, 10. the gateless gate, 11. arch- a material curve sustained by gravity, 12. vague, 13. pastoral, 14. into the clearing, 15. something fishy, 16. what -in these shoes?, 17. a glimpse, 18. looking out


barnyard noir

"run, pug, run"

travis a. louie

thanks to chris over at bright stupid confetti. he always makes the best confetti.


get it while it's hot

go on over to into wine now to read my latest. whoo-hoo.


commandments from finnegans wake:

"never park your brief stays in the men's convenience...
never clean your buttoncups with your dirty pair of sassers...
where you truss be circumspicious and look before you leak, dears...
especially beware please of being at a party to any demoralizing home life...
give back those stolen kisses; restaure those all-cotten glooves...
recollect the yella perals that all too often beset green gerils...once they get hobby-horsical...
vanity flee and verity fear!
whalebones and buskbutts may hurt you"



if only i had seen this before i bought kay the buckwheat neckrest!!

more about pillowig here. link via notcot


“At the heart of all beauty lies something inhuman..."

"... and these hills, the softness of the sky, the outline of these trees at this very minute lose the illusory meaning with which we had clothed them, henceforth more remote than a lost paradise... that denseness and that strangeness of the world is absurd.”
~Albert Camus

please visit the original images here: 1. the answer to, 2. Processionals on Watch


popular does not equal safe

the presence of poisonous chemicals in cosmetics is nothing new. the elizabethan ideal of beauty was acheived by whitening women's faces and bosoms with ceruse, which consisted of vinegar and powdered lead. as it ate away the skin, thicker and thicker applications were required. in spite of its drawbacks, the use of ceruse remained popular for 300 years.

i think this internship is getting to me.