thank goodness for bright stupid confetti

at bright stupid confetti i feel as if i've found an old new friend. a kind of paris of its own.


chris said...

Well, bless your heart! I'm so glad you've found my spot, and that you enjoy it!

I've added your site to my sidebar.

Don't be a stranger!

Julie said...

you're in cincinnati, aren't you?
we're leaving for paris in the morning and we have a five hour layover in cincinnati.

know of any great sightseeing at the airport? restaurants high on the zagat survey?

chris said...

No, j'habite à Columbus. I've actually never been to Cincinnati, but j'aime Paris! Hope you have a great time there!

Julie said...

je suis trés fatiguée! so many hours in planes, trains, barts, taxis and les autos. i'm still drunk from paris but sleep deprived to the nth degree.

my brain's about ready to turn off, but i saw your comment. i passed over your city sometime earlier today. yesterday?

i haven't looked at your confetti yet but look forward to all i missed while i was gone.