a little time

...away is what i've decided upon for now. i hope this won't cause too much disappointment for the wonderful people who read my blog and find it inspiring. if anyone finds themselves at a loss for inspiration, he or she can link up to any of the wonderful blogs and sites in my sidebar. i imagine i will find myself back here at some later date--maybe with a blog in a different incarnation. best to everyone, and do stay inspired.

(forgive me, i do not know where i found this image...)



thank you for your kind thoughts and comments. i'll have to do a bit more considering.

i think there are many blogs out there that narrate lives, and maybe if what i did was go whole hog narrating my life, then what would come out of it would be interesting, but the thought of it makes me blush, seeming too audacious. then again, if what i really want to do is write an autobiography, maybe a blog would be the best place to begin. so maybe a blog in a different format is the next thing. maybe i'll call it "surreal hawaii childhood" and tell its strange, dark stories one by one.


the more absent i am from here,

the more present i am in daily life. this makes me wonder that if i discontinued tending this blog, would i finish more of my tangible projects? perhaps if i stopped for a time, just to see what would happen with my daily patterns. how does this strike you?

maybe it's related to spring, and wanting to be outside, digging in the dirt and ferreting out hiking trails with the dog, and wanting to be drawing and writing a book and making pots on the wheel, and baking cupcakes and relearning to cook.

but i have also grown to love this blog universe and feel quite a bit of resistance to the idea of leaving it.

any thoughts?

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