quelle heure et il?

i am home!
funny, it feels as if i left months ago, as if i was in a time machine.

it is sean's birthday, but it was also sean's birthday yesterday. i always confuse sean's birthday and kay's too. for some reason i think they were both born on the 12th of different months, though kay's is august 11th and sean's is october 15th. now i shall never forget either one, because october 15th will always be the day that was two days long, during which i flew with the sun back from a dream, from which i brought back too many pictures for my hard drive to hold.

good news. the jet lag is much less severe coming home.


Anonymous said...

sean says thank you for extending his birthday and celebrating it for 2 days instead of 1.

our first hotel room in the loire valley was a triple. we think you were meant to share it with us. we missed you.

Julie R said...

i miss you too.