curator of a life

got a great link from jean-michel today. as he puts it: "a list of crazy like me," a site with links to people everywhere who document themselves on a daily basis. i especially like christine gatti's site. she takes two pictures 18 minutes after every hour for eighteen months. one of the pictures is of her; the other is a picture of what is directly in front of her at that same time.

it's supposed to rain tomorrow, which means i'd better mow the lawn today.
as al little side note i can't help but include, last night we ran out of toilet paper. nothing interesting or noteworthy there, it's true. what i think is funny about it is i had to resort to putting some leftover togo's napkins in there so there'd be something to use. in bold green letters each one reads: "it's a way of lunch."

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JM said...

nice we meet.
hope you will enjoy paris.