i have brown eyes

antoine st. supéry wrote: what is essential is invisible to the eye. this would seem to be saying that the eye itself is the essential thing. the visible world would become invisible without it, and yet the 'site' from which sight issues remains invisible to the seer.
(this reminds me of what roland barthes said about the eiffel tower: that the only way to avoid seeing it in paris was to be standing on it.)

i see myself in mirrors, mirrored in the eyes of others. i catch sight of my reflection and am sometimes surprised to catch myself candid for a split second. i see myself looking at myself as if at a stranger until it dawns on me who i am.

it makes me uncomfortable to be seen looking at myself in a public place. if there is anyone else in the ladies' restroom i cannot stand to see them seeing me see myself.

i took this picture of my closed eye:

and i wrote 'i have brown eyes' in french. both of these activities were strangely satisfying.

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