blendable eye collection

adam took this picture in dublin when he first arrived, of a string of garage doors painted different colors. it reminds me of colors you'd find in an eyeshadow kit--harmonized shades for mixing and matching. as for me, i've never been very good at eyeshadow; as soon as it's on it feels like too much, and i keep messing with it and trying to "blend" it in until it becomes nonexistent. i also can't keep lipstick on my lips. but what i lack in cosmetic panache i think i make up for with my love of hats, scarves and interesting groceries.
i am beginning to see how this blog thing can be time-consuming. you may have noticed i already changed the first template. well it began to annoy me and i thought: what if it's annoying other people too? and now i'm already fiddling with the fonts and tricks on this one. what i want to know is must we use the word 'blog'? it's such an unsightly and unsoundly word. it conjures images of messes that are hard to clean up. can't we give it a more dignified name? 'tallying" or 'charting'? for instance 'nimbling,' to emphasize the lightness and quickness of its form?
its limber, flexile system, its infinitely eraseable symbiosis of word and image emerging out of indecipherable codes? i admit i am a late bloomer when it comes to technology; i've never had a cell phone and i only got a microwave last christmas. and while i can honestly say this method will help me and my friends who are far away keep more abreast of the daily arc of each other's lives, i must also admit that it works as well as a kind of selfish tool; each post is its own performance that can be hewn just so. whether anyone reads my blog or not, i have the impression of having an audience which is satisfying, even in the abstract, and does no harm to anyone.

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Tienette-Thérèse Rodier said...

le maquillage est surestimé, tandis que des portes de garage sont sous-estimées.