equilibrium is the state of equalized tension

while my car was at the shop all day i got rid of a lot. i've had the feeling lately that the alarming rate at which we've been accumulating dross had surpassed my wariness on the issue. i believe one must be as vigilant about outflux as about influx. there were uncomfortable shoes i'd been holding onto, not to mention some arugula way past its prime. other items more difficult to talk about. i can only get rid of things when i'm alone. sophie, on the other hand insists on saving all of her math homework from the seventh grade, so you can only imagine the mountains of other things she makes me keep for her. you never throw anything away, i complain, but she is equally frustrated by my impulse to throw away everything. but actually, i don't like throwing anything away. i like 'giving' it away, sending it back into the endless circulation of slightly useful rubble; i like to think of everything i discard falling into the right hands that will use it for the thing i once saw in it, the object it carried the potential to be until its entropy wound down for me and its physicality became a spatial burden.
but now my car is back home and the diagnosis is a cracked radiator, through which $500 of my paris dollars will soon be leaking. Merde alors!

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