bad art rescue

you can't tell from the photo, but this is no ordinary painting of a shaggy dog. the surface is actually raised, following the contours of the dog's body, like one of those hard plastic maps you find of mountainous areas. this feature added to the eerie feeling i got that the dog's eyes were following me all around the thrift store. it would have been the perfect addition to my house; that is, if it was haunted. i settled instead for a coatdress with a faux leopardskin collar and cuffs to add to my thriftstore ensemble of outfits to wear while in paris. soon i will post some pictures. also, be sure to look at the 09h09 link of jean-michel's blog. on it he posts photos he takes of himself at 9:09 every morning, and we are making a plan to meet him in paris while we're there so when he takes his picture on oct. the 9th, we'll be in it.


Anonymous said...

This blog entry makes me want to start a blog called 3:03 where I wake at 3 in the morning and take a picture of the ghosts haunting me, a shaggy dog(watching me through his hair),
a 50 foot puppet girl walking on my roof, a raccoon licking my toes like a popsicle, all the subconscious flotsam and jetsam float up and smile for the camera.

garçon de singe

Anonymous said...

shall i set the alarm for you, monkey boy?