1. cupcakes
2. a microscope
3. a telescope
4. a camera obscura
5. a cabinet of inks
6. a beehive
7. a roomful of clocks
8. a memory theatre
9. a set of epiphanies
10. painting lessons
11. a shadow lantern
12. a holga
13. an enormous umbrella
14. a pet tiger

strange, in this picture of my father an i, must be 1968, i only just noticed that the tree isn't decorated. maybe we were about to trim it when the picture was taken, presumably by my mother, who would be jumping ship in a matter of months.

in "the grand hotels," a short story inspired by the works of joseph cornell, robert coover wrote: "childhood is the source and model of all architecture." that line struck me especially, mostly because i have also believed it for some time. this photograph tells me something about why i am hesitant to put holes in the wall in order to hang things up, why it's taken me so long to get down the basics of inhabiting a space. why i am attracted to the lightest objects, why i'm never dressed warmly enough. why i love things that fold up, and words so weighty they seem to almost stand in for the real thing. words like

curator, frock, grandeur, trapeze.

bellhop, scaffold, winter, and shy.


Sean said...

I want to make a 14 days of Christmas song from your list. It would be fun to animate and would surely become a holiday classic.
". . . three telescpoes scoping two microscopes and a cupcake in an un-trimmed tree"

I love stories told with just little fragments of memories. So much mystery. That is how we remember our lives and not with plot and story arcs and resolution.

Julie R said...

it's true, i guess that's why we seek resolution through art, and songs with definitive things that happen on definitive days, four of these objects doing this and five of those objects doing that.

i guess, too, that it is the fragmentary nature of childhood memories that lends architecture its mystery.

but a cupcake in an untrimmed tree, i can definitely picture that as pictured by you. pretty sweet.

Julie R said...
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muebles en soria said...

The guy is absolutely fair, and there is no suspicion.