"it becomes theatrical and i feel like mata hari and it intoxicates me."

i really loved the studs terkel interview with the waitress delores dante in his book working.

here's just a little part of it:

"...when the plate is down you can hear the sound. i try not to have that sound. i want my hands to be right when i serve. i pick up a glass, i want it to be just right. i get to be almost oriental in the serving. i like it to look nice all the way.

to be a waitress, it's an art. i feel like a ballerina, too. i have to go between those tables, between those chairs...maybe that's the reason i always stayed slim. it is a certain way i can go through a chair no one else can do. i do it with an air. if i drop a fork, there is a certain way i pick it up. i know that they can see how delicately i do it. i'm on stage."

russian waitress poster may be seen in its glory here.

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