a poet's garden

my flickr friend fiona has a new photoset to love of photos she took of 'little sparta." about it she writes:
"Little Sparta' is a poet's garden( www.littlesparta.co.uk ) - a very inspiring place with words and poems hidden under trees, in ponds, on boats, stone walls, beehives, etc." it is near Edinburgh, the creation of poet and publisher Ian Hamilton Finlay. how i wish it was closer.

1. never enough, 2. where the wild geese live, 3. shelter from the storm, 4. window, 5. lochan eck, 6. rain, 7. ripple- a fold, a fluting of a liquid element, 8. hypnos-his wings-trouble-his eyes, 9. eclogue-folding-the last-sheep, 10. the gateless gate, 11. arch- a material curve sustained by gravity, 12. vague, 13. pastoral, 14. into the clearing, 15. something fishy, 16. what -in these shoes?, 17. a glimpse, 18. looking out

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