a little more nina

the pollywogs and the egg: "artificial insemination,"

and her chilling book spine story: "a day at the beach."


sean said...

The pollywogs pursue the egg
She is demure
they wiggle
they beg
they plead
they try force
Her shell holds rigid and white
She knows inside she is liquid
she is runny and yellow
Give a crack and they would devour her
They try poetry
Her shell is hard
They try bravado
Her shell is hard
They try being funny
Doesn’t she just want someone who can make her laugh?
Her shell is hard and brittle
They give up
become frogs
hop away
She becomes a chicken
years later
On the edge of a marshy pond they catch each other’s eye
Silly youth
they both think at the exact same moment

Julie R said...

o this is so wonderful! what a poignant and bittersweet tale.