"time is a funhouse mirror on our lives." ~sean jones

i took this picture on the bus with adam's sixth grade class. we were on our way home from a field trip in which we spent the day on a ship sailing all around the bay. his friend, whose name i've forgotten, leaned over the seat to be in the picture. the kids were all serene from spending all day at sea, in the sun. at the helm and learning knots.

i love this picture of our cat sera, who died last year. the distortion such that she seems to fit into the fishbowl except for that little spotlight of tail.

this is my grandmother lucille and i on waikiki beach in 1969. i especially love her swimcap, and the sandpail between us. i think she had her straps down because she was trying to even out her tan. she told me years later the little ways that my stepmother was mean to her when she came from the mainland for this visit. rewashing any dishes she'd washed, as if she hadn't done a good enough job, throwing any towels she'd even just dried her hands on into the dirty clothes hamper. my stepmother, she was a wicked one.


Rodrigo said...

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sean said...

The first picture has such a great mood to it.
The kitty picture is a trip. I want to make a poster of it. I am struck by how I would never recognize the kid as you but that smile is totally you.

Why is it that wonderful art always drips from your fingers?

Julie R said...

because the washers are wearing out on my faucets?