a little homemade hothouse

i found this german DIY website through fototiller. how simple and lovely, a hothouse out of jewel cases. there are also other projects that are more tongue in cheek, such as this one:

i know people like to shop the day after thanksgiving, but i've always been very turned off by that idea. i'm not the kind of person to be among the first to do anything. i much prefer waiting until everyone has moved on to the next thing, so that i can enjoy their last thing in peace.

so here i am at home, enjoying a deliciously lazy day, eating a turkey pot pie, making little connections, and so on.

some good food for thought i've come across today:

photography by do you see what i see, courtesy of daily dose of imagery, an amazing site of its own, which i found through aref-adib from the UK. it just won a prestigious blog award for a reason.

oh the lovely lovely link.
the excitement and happiness of hyperlinks.


Kiki said...

Thank you for the German diy site link. I can't get enough of those. K

malformed adult said...

I think if I had had a cactus pacifier as a baby I
would have become a well adjusted adult
but my mom pampered me and I became soft and trusting and forever obsessed with nipples. What a way to face the world.

Julie said...

i don't think you should beat yourself up about this.