bestill my heart

go here to be completely bowled over by darren price. he's brilliant and so is this beautiful and bittersweet film.

heaps of banana thank yous to sidney for sending me this in the mail.

something else nice i found at language hat: this webster's dictionary project, edited by josh wallaert, is in the form of a blog, which makes the entries read even more like the poetry that they are.

one more goodie: poet paul guest's blog almost i rushed from home to tell you this (what a wonderful name for a blog) was a nice find on my leisurely stroll through blogland last night. one of his posts from a few days ago was accompanied my this picture:

and reads:

"This is really speaking to me this morning. I haven't got the hair but I think I can find some weapons. A sack of lit mags, maybe. Or flaming rejection slips. Years of self recrimination.

Oh, yes, I'm ready."

and there is one more thing, actually. so much i want to share today.

go to chicago photographer brian ulrich's site not if but when. look at everything, but i am particularly drawn to the thriftstore series. i found him through this photo, which was posted on the pixos themed photo site.

so much that is good. this is why i would rather not read the news. it gives one the opposite feeling that the world is coming to an end.


Sidney said...

Many treasures. Thank you.

Um. . . where are my heaps of bananas?
Or was that a metaphor? sometimes I don't know with you.

Julie said...

o sorry, sidney...i meant, you know, figurative bananas. bananas in the abstract. not concrete bananas. they're not really not that good for you anyway, the concrete ones. very filling, yes. but it's very hard to work them off.

a haiku monkey said...

Concrete bananas
So beautiful so heavy
sinks my yellow heart