then there's lauren.rabbit

who i stumbled upon this morning while browsing through flickr's 'man ray' pool, where they give suggestions on how to know if your work is "man ray enough." i loved the sound of that.
lauren.rabbit's home series on flickr is a perfect thing to come across in late october. it is an exploration of space at once saturated and stark; like peeking through a raveled place in a dress or curtain. these are spaces that fill you with both the desire to inhabit them and the keen sense that you recognize them from somewhere. their noctilucence is intoxicating.
for reasons inexplicable, the words ambergris and sconce come to mind. i am also reminded of the 'time passes' section of "to the lighthouse."

view it as a slideshow to get the full effect.


Sidney said...

I pity the snake that lives in a bathtub
He dreams in white. He speaks in white. He learns to love in white
He knows the subtleties of white better than the eskimo
On occasion his home is flooded and he dodges buttocks and toes
His stripes so beautiful in the empty canvas
One day he will slip through the drain
In an open field he smells dirt and hot mice
But his dreams still drip white everywhere
and he wakes to pale landscapes
Nothing to read but flakes of skin

Julie said...

oh sidney you are better than matthea harvey...