a fondness for rabbits

well, more like a fondness for the idea of rabbits. (i'm allergic to the real ones). the conceptual rabbit and his magnificent ears that he would not have if he wasn't the animal he is, an object of pursuit. the biggest parts of a rabbit are his ears and his back legs. these are what have developed in response to his lot in life, his position as a non-predator.

he hears well and runs fast--these are two qualities i can admire.

also his burrowing habits.

even the word 'rabbit' is lovely; it is a word as shapely as a rabbit's long ears.

remember rabbit ears in the 70's? having to wiggle them to enhance reception?

remember eddie rabbit?

well, it might be better to leave you with peter.


SpiffyTurtle said...

Ah, me too. I was born in the year of the rabbit. I remember in kindergarten we each had an animal silhouette cut out of coloured construction paper and taped on the front of the tiny wooden door that opened onto our cubby where we stashed our nap mats. My cubby's animal was a pink rabbit.


Anonymous said...

i did not know of your allergy to rabbits. there goes my plans for your halloween present this year.

my nephew just named the rabbit on the postcard i sent from paris "stella," after some cartoon character he watches who goes to paris.

what i like about rabbits is how they steal (vegetables). at least according to beatrice potter, anyway.