for the next time you play mad libs

from the 1940 roget's thesaurus:


--. nouns: alertness, notice, note, regard, circumspection, care, study, scrutiny. (or how to look at the tiny).

--. verbs: observe, heed, recognize, make note of, note.

--. adjectives: mindful, alive to, engrossed in, absorbed, rapt, circumspect, open-eyed, on the watch.

--. interjections: look out!, hark!, listen!, hear ye! oyez!.

in addition to the joy of paying attention is the joy of appreciating the words that hold the key to our ever hoping to articulate 'paying attention.'

getting down underneath the upholstery of paying attention.

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Anonymous said...

i once had a boyfriend who often proclaimed, "i'm so broke, i can't even pay attention."

and he was.