"to the silence of one who leaves us dreaming..." -rene char

in honor of david ray, whose birthday is today, i leave a trail of poems by surrealist malcolm de chazal, from "sens plastique":

a bicycle rolls on the road.
the road is the third wheel
rolling the other two.

the water says to the wave,
"you are swallowing me."
"how could i?"
replies the wave,
"i am your mouth."

the pupil
turned the eyes
the iris followed
the white of the eye
just long enough
for you
to slip into the face
of the one you love.

a stone
hears its heart beat
in the rain.

always has
an idea
up its sleeve.

"take me
the flower said
to the sun,
my thighs"


chris said...

Great poems! And I like your new blog design.

Julie said...

why, thank you.

(Ni)mo.Ni said...

I love those poems too. Quoted them on my blog.

David Ray said...

Well, I read everything, eventually. Although I'm writing this a few weeks after your birthday in 2007. You are always a radiant icon in my thoughts, and I levitate when I ponder our past/future lives together. Thank you for honoring me, my sweet.