i must admit. as soon as it is safely february, i begin thinking that spring is really right around the corner. the result of this yearly delusion is that i often leave the house quite underdressed, with bare toes and shoulders gathering frost, teeth chattering like a toy clacker, seed packets in my thin cotton pockets. i know i should also treasure winter's gifts, but the truth is that they leave me cold. i can never achieve a homeostasis in winter, in which i am not aware of the outside temperature being wildly afar from my interior one. as i spent my youth in hawaii, where the temperature always hovers somewhere around 75 degrees, the feeling of being cold or hot drives me to distraction. by february 1st i'm already longing to leave the windows open and sleep in my sundress. states of undress without goosebumps, and warm air teasing out the trees' summer frocks.
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this has warmed me up