"the rustle of language forms a utopia...that is a music of meaning; in its utopic state, language would be enlarged." ~roland barthes

a pattern of favorites to form a bouquet. their relationships to each other hold up to however rigorous of a study we might subject them to. images gathered that lie flat beside each other and yet instigate further alliances and betray secret tensions. i like to steep them and drink the tea after it's cooled slightly. 1. MY MOLSKINES, 2. Sasha by Daniel Jackson for i-D Sept 2006, 3. happy new year!, 4. From New High School Algebra, Wells and Hart, Copyright 1912, 5. 010804035.jpg, 6. Wren 1-2-08

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Anonymous said...

i absolutely love the vertical pairing on the right. one obviously had to have been traced from the other. but which one...?