"birds don't pay the rent"

designer martín azúa (out of barcelona) on the concept behind his Nest House:

"The life in the city is complicated when thinking of the most basic necessity and sometimes absurd obligations. Freedom is reduced in what you have or need. Birds don’t pay the rent. They settle into a place and use the closest resources. Their nests form a part of nature. Learning form them, we came up with the idea to build the nest house of simple metal structure and some rope which are completed with natural materials like leaves, branches etc… It doesn’t take any space as it is hung on a tree with a thick tape not to damage it. Once installed it can serve as point of observation or an essential habitat in which you can spend a night. The nest house allows us a perception of the natural space of animal, plant and human life."

the rest of his inventions are equally whimsically beautiful. thanks to labour of heart for the link.

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