sunflower graveyard

this afternoon i drove out to adobe farms at 3:30 p.m. i always pass it on my way to work at that time of day and have noticed that the light was particularly beautiful then. also the birds are migrating in great clouds. from the road you can see the sea of marigolds beside the wide field dotted with pumpkins that were never chosen. ancient tractors are parked here and there, and beautiful rusted equipment once used for harvesting. a cloud of birds blew over me and the only sound it made was so well integrated with the air that it was more of a sensation than a sound. as i wandered along through the field i startled a jackrabbit out of the marigolds and wished my camera was better so i could zoom in on him and capture him, if only on film.
after the squash field, i came upon a quadrant of corn, and it wasn't until i passed that that i discovered, with a devilish and bedazzled sense of childlike delight and wonder, the sunflower graveyard.


kay said...

the second one down is especially great. it feels very personal.

and the last one, well, it looks like a monster. in a good way.

sean said...

I was quite bedazzled myself.
I love the green ladybug on the last one. Such a contrast of a tiny delicate beauty on a decaying old grouchy behemoth.

Julie R said...

i never realized that last flower looked so monstrous or behemothy. now that you mention it it's making me think about "naked lunch."

Anonymous said...

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