intoxicating things

1.) dissonance
2.) a hundred accordions
3.) a story within a story
4.) white truffles
5.) red poppies
6.) hives of bees
7.) eating honeycomb
8.) vulnerability
9.) a click in the absence of all other sound
10.) a fugue of the senses

photos by adam makarenko, courtesy of jerry's lovely bee blog, global swarming honeybees.

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Gerry Gomez Pearlberg said...

Just noticed this. I'm honored! Agree about honeycomb!

11.) the last leaf hanging on the branch on an autumn tree
12.) fondue
13.) the poems of Rumi
14.) moss
15.) the smell of pavement after a good spring rain
16.) napping beside one's dog
17.) Arvo Part's "I Am The True Vine"
18.) Polythene Pam