the float and odor of october

1. Orchid, 2. birds, 3. Untitled, 4. flowers in autumn, 5. Untitled, 6. Sparks of leaving summer


a monkey that likes pictures said...

October orchids
Romantic monsters
With curled scented claws

the birds frozen and waiting
not a breath
a wanting and quiet grey
not falling or flying

and her hat is waiting
and the sea is trying to seduce her toes

her body is floral

and her eyes hidden

and her light flickers
with no heat tonight
a little flame yawns
“I will sleep and awake as a furnace in the trees
with a orange halo and green angelic eyes”

a blogger that likes a poetic monkey said...

you are a wonderful and lyrical monkey, i love it when you visit and display your prodigious talents.

Monkey see Monkey do said...

I was just playing "words with pictures"
It's a new game to play on Eluvium.
Thank you for your shining brilliance.