it's only a lyrical paper moon

sean sent me the link to this paper moon photo flickr set. and he wrote:

"A paper moon as a picture prop is so random and lyrical. We don't have
anything like that anymore. We live in a very unlyrical time."

maybe so. but maybe it's just that now we have to look a little harder for it. but i found it very lyrical, him saying "we live in a very unlyrical time."

next time i have a party i think i'm going to set up a paper moon photo booth.


a moonlit monkey said...

This reminds me of the time I sat on the quarter moon with my banjo and sang lullabies to all the little monkeys below:

Hush little monkeys
tuck in your tails
drift into sleep
on moonlit white sails

Dream of yellow
banana shaped moons
and sprinkled swinging laughter
from grinning baboons

Dream of the vine
that swings to the heavenly sky
and dream of the time
I sang you a little monkey lullaby

sleepy monkey said...

so lovely. i'm drifting...

Julie R said...

what a lyrical monkey you are. i wish i had been your little monkey child.

afrodisiacos sexshop said...

For my part one and all ought to look at it.