the day-to-day life of albert hastings

it's all about his handwriting.

this beautiful project has been done by kay deveney, who took photographs of bert in his home. she writes:

"This work is sited where Bert’s autobiographical vision, based in life experience and feeling, meets the new eye of a stranger. Together our visions and versions of his day-to-day experience sit side by side to create a new tale. At the end of this project Bert and I, of course, maintain our individual perspectives, but I think we are richer, too, for being informed by one another. I know I am."

thanks simply photo.


chris said...

This is a really great find! The work is interesting and quiet and sweet. Very human, if I can use the word human as an adjective.

j.elliot said...

one starving musician came by to say: wow! that was really incredible. I love that he enjoys the sun with his socks and dress shoes on!