why i love fish

everyone knows fish is cool. but working there is a special pleasure. yes it's a hectic restaurant and i'm tired at the end of the long days, but i just love so much what they stand for. and i've never worked with so many lovely and kind restaurant people in one place.
i scribbled down a few of the items on the fish 2007 wishlist which is taped to the office door:

kickass dessert program
swim!! shave!!! dance!!!
rooftop greenhouses
placemats dammit
convex mirror for the corner
new artwork
field trips
topless dancers--all male please
private label wine "you'll thrill for our swill!"
cookies: bigger, better, stronger, more like elvis

go to the website and click on the fish cam. maybe you'll see me.


kay said...

i didn't see you. dammit.

Julie R said...

that's because i was a little camera shy today. don't be afraid to try again sometime soon.