julie turns 41

hey, it's my palindrome year– 41 on the 14th. growing up i was always looking for these kind of secret connections. it made everything seem even more significant. in this way everything was the only occasion of its kind, casting a magic spell that could always be conjured somehow, by some configuration. i believe that there are so many of these that you can live out a good long life and always have one to apply to whatever age you're turning.

i borrowed this sparkly bastille day photo from here.


christopher higgs said...

Happy Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I hope some snails sing the French national anthem for you.

Happy Birthday!

K said...

happy happy birthday! glad to see you the other day!

When I turned 31 on 5/31 (2001) we were vacationing in Big Sur and Carmel and we stayed in two places, the room numbers happened to be 5 and 31!!! We took a picture of me on the 31st, turing 31 in front of the room 31.

Julie R said...

thanks everyone!
it was a wonderful wonderful day.

i would like to see that 31-31-31 picture. it's giving me ideas for some kind of number project....