what jakobsen said

"without contradiction, there is no interplay of concepts, no interplay of signs, the relationship between the concept and the sign becomes automatic, the progress of events comes to a halt, and all consciousness of reality dies [...] poetry protects us from this automaticization, from the rust that threatens our formulation of love, hate, revolt, and reconciliation, faith and negation."

~from julia kristeva's "desire in language"


Sean said...

Jonny Jakobsen is a Swedish eurodance artist better known under his fictitious identity as Indian taxi driver Dr. Bombay. He began as a country singer called Johnny Moonshine, but became famous only after his metamorphosis into Dr. Bombay. His debut was in 1998 with the album Rice and Curry, hitting the charts with the title track, as well as Calcutta (Taxi Taxi Taxi) and SOS (The Tiger Took My Family).

Subsequently, he went on to record albums as faux-Scottish Dr. MacDoo and faux-Mexican Carlito.

Julie said...

and this is precisely the reason he wrote so passionately about contradiction.

sean said...

previous comment was the interplay between vague concept and google/wikipedia.
The relationship becomes one of absurd conceptual meanderings that bring out the contradiction of faith and the absurd(or the lack of contradicion).