time passes

i drive by the old niven nursery in larkspur on my way to work. the delapidated, decaying greenhouses and the teeming life of the weeds and wildflowers that have taken over the property compel me to no end. they remind me of the "time passes" chapter in "to the lighthouse."

i had to take these pictures through the chain link fence that surrounds the property. i tried to find out more about the original nursery but my google searches only led me to hard-to-decipher city proposals to develop the land sometime soon.

i was trying to figure out why i feel so drawn to this space. and i was thinking of how strange my relationship to marin county is. it is the place where i was born, and it is the place where i now work. my connection to it as a place in the interim has been zilch. and of all the places in marin, i find this abandoned nursery the place to which i have the most connection.

if i had to imagine my childhood as a physical structure, the broken down greenhouse might be just the thing. through which i bloomed late and anyway.


Sean said...

I find these photos amazing and beautiful.
The remnants of structure with wild growth engulfing it is like a grid for nature to create on. Not only does the decay make you think of time passing but the photos that go back in space feel like layers of time receding. I think I say my grandma walk by five rows back.

We should have a picnic there with six foot rabbits and clever amusing turtles that make wry jokes about human absurdity.

Julie said...

yes, 'remnants of structure with wild growth engulfing,' that's really it exactly. i also find it exceedingly alice-in-wonderlandish. i wanted nothing more than to find a way into this place--i mean, i don't think i have ever had such a strong desire to trespass anywhere else.

i'm so glad you like the pictures.

kay said...

"through which i bloomed late and anyway"...how do you say "brought tears to my eyes" in a non-cliche way?

i want it to be a title. it may be my new mantra.

K said...

how hard would it be to trespass?

Julie said...

karen: the larkspur police are so bored i reckon we'd be caught in an instant.

kay: i can't think of a "brought tears to my eyes " equivalent just now, but it is a phrase still vivid, though familiar, and works just fine...