things to root for

this is Amy Franceschini's pogoshovel, part of what this sf gate article calls her effort "to create a kind of utopian agrarian future." the pogoshovel is part of her special kit for planting gardens. another of her"possible/impossible" prototypes is a wheelbarrow that can be attached to a bicycle to transport soil and seeds. both are part of her project to revive the idea of victory gardens in public parks, and has proposed to revive the practice by mixing her special combination of "art, politics and gardens."
great link via eyeteeth.

then there's this unstoppably dapper chair over at ikea hacker.

lastly, over at the institute for infinitely small things, you can get a quick and delightful reminder that there are at least 57 things in life that are still free.

link also via eyeteeth.


sean said...

I enjoyed the 57 things. Lab coats make everything funnier.
I think I will start wearing a lab coat and go pogoshoveling.

Praise Allah
(I went to his website and he is a very sincere religious fanatic. I wonder what the hell he was doing commenting on your blog. No religion and No mustaches! He missed on both accounts)

Julie said...

know! i was so bewildered by it i couldn't even delete it.