let's not forget thaumatropes

add them to the list of things that comfort me. write them under "tapioca" and "coming home".

tonight at work a customer found an inchworm on one of her salad leaves and had to go to the ladies' room to throw up. it was a huge scene and the table ended up getting about eighty dollars taken off their bill.
i mean, i'd understand if it was half a worm, or even just a big obese and grubby worm, but this was such a sprightly, jaunty little inchworm, i couldn't help but take his side.

i just think that people get so that they forget where food actually comes from.

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kay said...

for those kinds of people, restaurants should keep a bottle of pesticide around and offer to spritz a little on the salad greens to get rid of those pesky bugs.

Julie said...

yes, will that be 1000 island, ranch, or round-up viniagrette?