behold our little garden

my fingertips are sore from weeding and the spot between my shoulder blades feels fiery from lugging wheelbarrows full of new topsoil from where the landscape company guys dumped it to the beds across the yard over the last couple of days. yesterday adam helped me with a lot of it--what would have taken me hours he had done in about 20 minutes. but now i've got over half of it planted-- white and yellow corn, an artichoke, two varieties of tomato, yellow sweet pepper, japanese and pickling cucumbers. i've never made pickles before so maybe i'll do that this year. for one bed i've got only herbs; so far chamomile, mint, sage, basil, and two kinds of thyme, because thyme is my favorite. we've also got a flowerbed with gerbera daisies, sundrops, foxglove, and wallflower. i had no idea that wallflowers had such an intoxicating smell. i love that they do, seeing as the way we use the word wallflower to describe a shy person. but these are often the people that if you get to know them, you find that they're very interesting. i think interestingness translates to fragrance in flowers.

so i'm off to the neighborhood nursery "evermay" to get more. i'll keep you posted as to what i find there.

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