isabel and i found this row of tulips on our walk this afternoon. i'm both drawn to the image and annoyed by it. i know it's not tulips' fault, but they are the epitome of a spring cliché. i'm drawn to clean, domestic images but i need them a little more complicated.

i took this one to offset it:

the rust around the letters comforts me like a custard.

i feel an affinity with these today:

milksnake's egg tooth
mulberry stain
the swagger and bluster of a fire eater
sealing wax
punk and tinder
anything postwar-

for friday's flickr fix i choose these:


and "catbird seat"

just go here if you want to meet the photographers.


BB said...

Awww. You put my crazy Eva up there. Thanks! :)))

Julie said...

how could i resist?