thanks to ez at creature comforts there exists a wonderful new flickr pool called friday's flickr fix. it embodies what i love best about flickr, and has captured the idea of magic in the juxtaposition of photos taken by people independently.

you can join too if you just send her a little note. go to her blog to get more information...

these are my three pairs for today. go to my favorites to get the scoop on everybody.

tonight is my reading as the opening poet for kay ryan and deborah garrison. if you're reading this and you're within a reasonable distance, you might want to come to copperfield's books in montgomery village at seven 'o clock.

but since i know some must miss it, i thought i'd post a little poem here, today, just because.


as i'm leaving

the seaside market of clocks
amid the confusion of hands,

round edges, guesses, and the salt-worn
timekeepers dickering in the sun

i see a shorebird near
a worn spot in the sky

in the threadbare space above me absorbing
the timely vernacular

and turning back i glimpse my freckled shoulder
the celery color of my sundress strap.


K said...

Hi J,
I wish I could come it sounds so great-I love your poem! It's my stepson's 18th birthday today so I need to do that this eve--he is planning an outdoor fire with multiple friends... Have a great reading!

Julie said...

thanks k!