a day out

yesterday morning. isabel and i headed out to spend the day in sausalito with kay and sean, alisa and her expanding belly, and the pooches (sadly minus daisy).

before we got in the car i noticed these flowers out front had started blooming.

when we arrived, sean pointed out a photo opportunity in the water.

we sat on the deck for a while and marvelled at the day.

when alisa arrived we marvelled at her belly.

the dogs played on the little beach.

isabel and amelia played "do what i do".

then we went to the dog park, to the society of sniffing and rolling in curious perfumes.

the trash receptacles were clearly marked.

there were also many different water choices.

i was wondering how kay and sean were feeling, so surrounded by dogs but without their own; it must seem very unfair. but i didn't know if or how quite, and if it would be a good idea to talk of it right then.

they are fostering this puppy, pico. he is officially a "piggle" (pitbull/ beagle cross). he is as sweet as pie and would make a very good boat dog.

would you or anyone you know would like to adopt him?

isabel would make a good boat dog too; she has already adopted kay and sean's bed as her own and left me to sleep alone last night below deck while she snuggled deep and without guilt upstairs.

here's alisa again with her magnificent moon belly.

here it is shining and inside is eleanor gearing up to appear.

on my way home this morning i found myself behind this truck, and sped up some so i could take a close enough picture.

it was so fitting it almost seemed like a plant.


K said...

I absolutely loved going through your leisurely day with you! All the details and the thoughts that come with them-perfection.

kay said...

such a lovely day. thanks for the wonderful opportunity to live it again slightly differently.

Julie said...

hanks you two, i mean, thanks you two.