transitory homes

camilla put in a link to artist do ho suh in her blog yesterday, and ever since i saw his "perfect house" installations i haven't been able to stop thinking about them.

here he created entire interiors out of translucent nylon sewn to shape. box pleats and gathers. a mere slip of a house.

a seashore home and the conquest of mildew, but not frailty. use a large needle and don't worry if it grows blunt.



must needs a doorbell, for no one would hear you if you knocked.


K said...

these are so cool! It makes me feel like I am also transparent...like if I lean onto one of the countertops, I'll just sway and drape over it.

Julie said...

yes i like to imagine living this way too, and in that vision i see myself as a weightless and transparent version of myself, but whenever i imagine bringing objects in to inhabit the space with me they are always rock solid, like books, and a piano.