the day after valentine's i went to the bank. i noticed, while my teller was doing my transaction, that he'd written the word "flowers" on the back of one hand. the word had partially faded, probably from his morning shower. i have thought about that fading reminder several times over the last few days. it is more pronounced in my mind for the fact that i glimpsed it faded.

this is a photo of my plum blossoms budding. it has been clothesline weather for days, though the forecast promises some rain. i like it both ways, i've developed a marked admiration for the weather in all of its forms. i suspect it's an age thing, for when i was child i remember puzzling over how fascinated adults were with the weather, and it seemed to me that the older the adult, the more fervent he or she seemed about the weather.

now i've arrived at the age of weather zealotry. i never check the forecast, preferring to get it by word of mouth. or just get wind of it on my own.

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K said...

I remember really being aware of the weather as a kid but not expecting to have a say about it (I think I wore similar outfits no matter what the weather so consequently I was always cold or hot--maybe that is why I was aware of the weather...) while indeed the adults talked about it inexplicaly like there was some effect they could have on it (like maybe putting on a sweater).