notes from the writer's almanac

"It's the birthday of the novelist Mary McGarry Morris, born in Meriden, Connecticut (1943). She took 10 years to write her first novel. No one knew she was writing it in all that time. Her neighbors noticed that she was going out less and less, but no one knew why. Morris didn't want to tell anyone she was writing a novel because she didn't want people to ask how it was going."

it's also boris pasternak's, bertold brecht's, and eva pfaff's birthday (west german tennis star). i'm so fond of her name. after emily's contest over at the black apple, my infatuation with sibilant names has been reconstituted.

the photo, by not the fishes, is one of my friday flickr favorites that patiently waited until saturday.

i think you'll like charity shopper's photos too. this one in particular brings a smile to my face:

"have a banana"


a monkey with a dream said...

When I imagine a utopia, I imagine a world where people smile at you on the subway and tails are not to be ashamed of and bananas are given with every newspaper.
Thank you for displaying this wonderful vision.

Julie said...

i thought you might like that.