"You have to rinse your life from time to time. Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood." -- miranda gaw & w.h. auden

this is my hundredth post. everyday i get to wake up and take a look around, everymorning i start fresh on my eyefulls. here is where i pour them out. where i empty my pockets of treasure.

this visual feast is from a book entitled the present history produced by the contextual villians in australia. it can be had for a mere $32 plus eleven dollars in shipping, less if you move to australia first.

o but i almost for got to thank bb for this great link. thank you bb.
another wonderful find is this weblog by miranda gaw out of brooklyn. i was digging through her archives and found this many-storied poem:

I work in a box factory & this is my
humdrum workaday factory song:
my office is on the sixteenth floor
and the fifteenth floor is a string factory
and the fourteenth floor is a patchwork factory
and the thirteenth floor is a tequila factory
and the twelfth floor is a dream factory
and the eleventh floor is a cumin factory
and the tenth floor is a homily factory
and the ninth floor is a pink factory
and the eighth floor is a beef stew factory
and the seventh floor sells cleaning fluids
and the sixth floor sells insurance
and the fifth floor assembles furniture
and the fourth floor stands empty
and the third floor is an alpha wave factory
and the second floor is a factory factory
and the ground floor, of course, is a Starbucks
and below that is a great
hive of machines in the basement
oh how they thrum & drumroll hum
I can feel it in the bottoms of my feet
as I sit here at my desk on the sixteenth floor.

happy hundredth from somewhere in the vast factory.


a monkey wearing a odd paper hat and playing a kazoo said...

Happy hundredth to you
(I play along with a kazoo)
your creation a manifestation
of your brilliance through and through

BringerBlog said...

happy happy hundredth. there are balloons dropping and confetti flying and noise makers making noise in my head as i read this, your centenial blog.

Julie said...

gee.. i wasn't expecting to get gifts. thank you though.

an inconsiderate monkey said...

gifts. . . oops . . .um what is 100 uh silver? Gold?
Paper? Pink fake fur? velvet? Fish?

Emily Post states that for 100 one should give Lime Jello.

Anonymous said...

thank you julie, you're very kind!

regarding the quote by me in the title, "pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood" is actually stolen from w.h. auden. sorry to disappoint...


chris said...

Congrats on 100 posts!!! Keep up the great work!

Julie said...


i'm not disappointed one bit.