poised for something

i removed the dream from yesterday's post. it was just a restaurant anxiety dream with an ending i couldn't really remember. i wasn't happy with it as a dream to be shared; too much of its substance had dissipated by the time i was fully awake.
what is left of it now is only the outline around it, shaped by these words-- my justification for erasing it. somehow this brings the luster back into it. it's absence makes it much more interesting than it was when it was there.

the flags are all still at half mast. on the way to school the other day, sophie and i were talking about the surge of respect death brings. she said: 'the world is weird. when you're alive you're nobody, but when you die you become the most important person who ever lived.'

it has been so cold the last few days, so clear and bright at night the stars seem like small pointed teeth. at the dog park this morning even my thick wooly gloves were no match for the cold. one of the men, he comes to the park occasionally with his 20 year old dog, mona lisa, said to me: 'mittens are better. your fingers keep each other warm.'


BringerBlog said...

i liked your waiter-anxiety dream. i could feel it, except that my dream customers always seem aware of my long absence.

your dream is much more dreamlike now that it's gone, though.

Julie said...

y es.