i'm the opening act

on friday the 9th of march, i'll be reading for a short span as that night's "emerging poet" for the word temple poetry series at the montgomery village copperfield's bookstore in santa rosa. after that, kay ryan, a poet i greatly admire, and deborah garrison, a poet from new jersey who i don't yet know, will be featured.

i'm especially excited because i have something to give to kay ryan, and before this i didn't know how exactly i was going to get it to her. it's a very old stereoscope card of the niagara river (the title of her most recent collection) that i found at the alameda flea market the last time i was there. i was just in the middle of reading the book when i found the card. 2 dollars was the price written on the back, but the vender told me the price was actually $5. i paid it even though i was rather broke at the time. it seemed so important in its timeliness.

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