happiness is starting fresh

after a delicious new years' day celebration of black-eyed peas and cornbread, caramelized parsnips, and chocolate mousse in exquisite chocolate teacups, and plenty of french wine to wash it all down with, we are, as of today, officially "off the sauce," as kay puts it. also off the sugar, off the coffee, off all the bad and empties.

here's to a new year of good habits, and this upcoming month of nunly behavior!

this wonderful photo is from gilfer at flickr.


Sean said...

An ode to parsnips

Oh wonderful parsnips
You nip and snip and parse my arse
For the new year I will eat thee

Julie said...

o yes! o parsnips have deserved such an ode for so long they have waited!!

thankyou thankyou o

David Ray said...

Since I got a laptop for Christmas, I added your blog to my favorites, so I can keep tabs on your silly post-modern ass. Nice work!

Julie said...

david!! it's really you! o i'm so happy you stopped in. thank you to who ever gave you that laptop.