a day without commentary

grisha bruskin

thanks to 3 quarks daily.


Mr. Blue said...

I was once a blue creature with a tail and fox ears. I ate massive amounts of blueberries to keep my coat shiny and blue. I chased my tail for days and never caught it. I still laugh at my ridiculous pursuit. I would give children rides on my back and gallop when they began to laugh. I climbed telephone poles to see where I was and my sensitive ears could hear all the conversations on the wires. The tears–the begging–the conspiracy-my ears would itch and I would get confused over so much drama to be forgotten.
People are a crazy, laughing, bellowing race of monsters that scare and intrigue me.
Fear won out and I left people places and now I burrow in mulchy rooty underground dens. And live on the crawlies from that domain and befriend the moles(calm and decent folks they are). But I do have melancholy memories of the people and their baffling joys and sorrows. Those were the days I galloped down the street unaware of the ambiguities that would cloak me. The blueberry days before I climbed into the mulch.

Julie said...

thank you mr. blue. i do understand your burrowing instinct, i really do.