farewell logan whitehurst

who brought so much to the world during the short time he was in it, one of the brainiest guys ever, who lost his battle with brain cancer on december 3rd, at the tender age of 29.
go here to listen to his bright sweet brilliant music, to read his "how to be cool" essay, to see what he looked like, to sigh and miss him terribly even if you didn't know him very well.


BringerBlog said...

what happened?

sean said...

It is so strange to be introduced to someone after they have died.
What amazing talent, humor and intelligence he had.
I miss him and I didn’t know him.

Jake & Kristin said...

he played the music at our wedding, along with Judah and the rest of Velveteen...he was a great guy.

Oh, by the way--Hi!