bit part

fragment sliver
cantlet flinder,

bit of shatter
come apart.

come to pieces,
split and shiver
fissure, rent

shred and part
shard and fracture

bit of shatter
come apart.


a monkey with 10 minutes to think about bananas said...

To be beautiful and obsessively marking every second
Fragments of time split up
Arguing like old newlyweds with grudges

Unclothe like a banana’s peels
drooping away from inside sweetness
The aroma of mushy black disappointment

Slipping like a clown again
the peels fly south
feet in the sky
big toe moon
the laugh track blaring
The clicking in my brain
Measures increments of folly

Julie said...

o monkey..

you wrote that in ten minutes?

'the peels fly south'-- i love that.
and 'the aroma of mushy black disappointment'--

i mean, i never realized how much like a banana life is.