time is too spare (as in never profuse)

'time to spare' makes it sound like we don't really need it,
a margin left over and superfluous
from which we need to be saved,
relieved of the terrible responsibility
of finding something extra to do with ourselves.

why is space and not time protected?

is not time, let alone spare time, endangered also?

why don't time-saving devices buy as much spare time
as one would think?

i wish i had the spare time of these smooth flat stones; now in the sun, now in the shade, now in the rain, and now and again in the picture.


Kiki said...

Your blog is so delicious. I look forward to each new post with great anticipation.


Julie said...


i think this is what is so wonderful about blogs. they are always 'in progress.' knowing you read my blog makes me excited to post the new things i've found. it's a wonderful way to share a perspective, no?